Chick escapism

Should turn the other cheek to chick lit. I am a closet chick lit reader.

One of my housemates once chanced upon some of my chick lit books and took a jibe at my choice. I have quite an eclectic taste in both books (and music), reading almost anything from self-help, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy to travelogues, local books like Neil humphrey’s rendition of his experience in Singapore and of course chick lit.

Polished two chick lits this week and both had me bawling my eyes out. Okay, that is over exaggerated.

Reading chick lit is entertaining but reading two books in 3 working days is like estrogen overdrive, working towards a system withdrawal crash when my favourite supply dries up. There are only a few unread books by this author.

I should slow down on the last book and savour every girly bit. I shall now escape back into my shell.


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Alicia C

Travel, cooking, discovery, outdoors, randomness...and experiences!

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