The girl in every woman

Watched girls for keep or garu, Japanese movie which depicts the lives of four Japanese women at different stages of their lives. Their interaction with the people around them given their circumstances have some truth in them.

No matter what the situation, most women do have a ‘girl’ in them. Reflecting on some of my thoughts and behaviour, I do have an inner girl as well despite being three decades old. Whom do I relate to most in the movie? There is a mixture of all but possibly the single character who has met love, in someone who is 12 years younger. (not exactly what is happening with me, but how she has surpassed social barriers to realise her happiness.) a single mom and who tries her best to be both a father and a mother, with an understanding child. Somehow that seems appealing to me. She works harder at parenthood given the absence of a husband.

An Asian version of the movie Women from the U.S with Meg Ryan. Bringing in challenges of being a woman in a fast-changing Asian society influenced by traditional barriers, causing cognitive dissonance in some women who have evolved. The evolution of a woman who is more truthful to the inner girl, no matter the age.

Being true to oneself and understanding how to take control of one’s life. (of course, whatever the decision, it should be based on the simple principle of cause and effect.)


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