Caution: Winding road ahead

As the new chapter of my life unfolds, I see myself crowding into a smaller corner with the big unknown spaces I’ve not explored or have not Intentionally avoided.

Exhilarating life choices and a leap into the unknown. I’ve never really given ‘leap of faith’ much thought and it has now taken on a life of its own.

My new life includes a new job with broader responsibilities in a different role and a life role which is even more important – being a partner, girlfriend and lover to that special someone. Sharing a life is something I’d never expect to do on a grand scale in such a short amount of time.

Shifting life roles

Consider this: Meeting the person for a first date in early December 2013 and then running head-log into a full blown relationship which involves living together in a new found place, all within the span of 2.5 months. But then again, one may argue that greater things have been achieved in a shorter amount of time.

For two introverts to get together that quickly and to adjust to a 24/7 exposure to each other isn’t an easy feat. We are still knocking out the kinks which might mean a lot more communication. I am sure all those who have been in a serious, live-in relationship would have experienced this and know what I am talking about.

I have discovered things about myself and love in the 2.5 months. How has my world shifted?

Having to consider how one communicates to another in tone and manner has never been something I had such priority on until I embarked on this relationship. Being free spirited in the past and now making decisions as a unit is possibly one of the biggest change in my life.

Having that space to think has evolved into a process whereby communicating one’s thoughts and actions is essential in a two-way communication. Before one disappears into a private space or world, communicating the intention and ensuring the other party doesn’t feel shut out is something which I am getting used to.

I used to take a lot of down time to think and I find that I have been caught up with the action of moving in the fast lane.

Recalibrating: Ali version 2.0

The journey in the past 2.5 months has not been all that smooth but it is the experiences which help us grow stronger and closer as we progress. As long as we continue to communicate and consider the perspectives, there can be progress.

As I stride out on my new journey, I  will continue conversations with myself; reflecting on the journey and new discoveries.




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