A dear lesson

Video by Dhagpo Kagyu Ling.

Shamarpa has passed on yesterday morning at breakfast in Germany. That happened so suddenly I didn’t have the chance to meet him again after the last time I met him in Bodhgaya India 2012.

This is a lesson to me. That life is fleeting and there may not be a tomorrow. Whatever which happens now is most important. What we do, what we think and what we say.

When I think about death, I feel that everything I deem important dissolves. I take myself too seriously and I feel our priorities in life can sometimes be warped.

There is nothing after we leave. We take nothing except our consciousness. What is that? I don’t know yet.

However, I do know that I need to think about things I see as important and why. I should meditate on those and recall those hazy memories of my Gurus. I feel like I have drifted.

In life, we trust and believe; a constant work-in-progress and be happy in the process. I need to embrace emptiness as the essence of life. It feels like emptiness is really the essence of life.


Featured photo at the top by Diamond Way Buddhism.