5 guiding principles for staying ‘on passion’

How many times have you heard the career diminishing term, ‘driven by passion’? One would presume that being fuelled by passion mostly means a compromise on monetary gains.

That may be true and yes, nothing does come easy in this world. Effort is possibly the most hardworking word in the English dictionary, but sorely underrated.

*Assuming that your passion is built on sound foundations and it is possible to make it work. There should also be a business evaluation on cutting any losses. Ie. If this way or if this doesn’t work, change it and move on. Bleeding out and shrivelling up isn’t a way to live life.


5 guiding principles on ‘living your dream’, ‘chasing your passion’:

1. Forget monetary gains

At least in the beginning of the journey, forget the balance and value of what you should be drawing and what you are giving to the job and the role. I find that this is often where I stumble on my drive. It gets me down when I compare to my peers. Development of a product and business is always risky and the beginning is the hardest. Not to say that the journey later on will be smooth.

The opportunity to influence requires courage and strength of character. I have questioned if I am up to it given the initial uncertainties and paltry monetary gains.


2. Reflect on the changes you have made during the day

This could be collegial relationships and having guided someone at work; the ability to share your skills and knowledge is a blessing.

Recall why you have made this change in the first place. You must have felt strongly about it in the beginning. What was it? To drive changes in the industry and to develop your personal profile in the industry. This opportunity is priceless and not everyone in a good paying position will be provided the opportunity to stand up, talk about it and take a position on a matter.


3. Revel in the opportunity and grab it

The reason you have started out in the first place was an opportunity. You have the support (if you are working with a partner or partners). I for one, am working with my first boss and I am glad that she has thought of me among so many others I am sure.

The project came as a surprise and at the appropriate time at my career when I was seeking something more, beyond my role and scope. There were some fundamentals in the industry which I thought could be changed or further developed. What matter way than to try to make those changes myself instead of taking a backseat and hoping that it happens.


4. Stay focused on the phased goals and long-term vision

It may be pushing it too far to say ‘stay focused on the goal’. We have different goals at each stage of the journey. Giving oneself an attainable goal at each stage makes it easier. Keep the long-term vision in sight – What you hope to achieve in your passion.

Remember that and all points 1 through 3 above when it gets tough and you ask yourself if it’s worth it. If it isn’t failing but just slower at the beginning, take all necessary realistic steps and if it fails, change tactics and strategies.


5. Regain perspective by exchanging ideas

Although ‘passion’ sometimes refers to something driven by emotions, a sound mind and a rational approach are essential to staying ‘on passion’. Talk to others to regain perspective and we are all social creatures to a certain extent; even introverts like myself. We need to exchange ideas and that is how we grow. Find platforms for discussions and networking. Yes, a network is highly important.


Above all, it is essential to maintain a healthy all-rounded life. This may sound like a deviation from a career. However, a positive mindset helps in your personal relationships, overall outlook on life and being happy with oneself, which translates into working well.


Eating well, exercising and maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle is key to staying on track and ensuring that you have that energy to continue on your journey.

Driving changes and getting people to believe in something takes a lot of energy and effort. Keep going and ‘just do it’, as rightly put by #Nike.

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