Part 1 of a Canadian experience in 19 days

My life in fragments of relationships through experiences. I’m not sure if I had a truly Canadian experience given that I visited with my Canadian boyfriend.

The journey to Canada from Singapore took about 30 hours door-to-door on Cathay Pacific and that began on 17 July Singapore and arrived in Ottawa Canada on 17 July about midnight, local time.

Being quite a worrier, I had a little anxiety from thinking too far ahead (a bad habit) and suffered a headache when we were on transit in Hong Kong. Of course, receiving news of a Malaysian airline shot out of the air in Ukraine while on transit about to board a long flight from Hong Kong to Toronto and then to Ottawa, did not help matters.

The headache followed me onto the second flight and as much as I was looking forward to ‘dinner’ on board, I dozed off right after take off from popping two painkillers. Maybe a blessing in disguise as I was asleep for almost the first half of the flight before waking and had no recollection of almost drooling on another guy’s shoulder on my left while my partner was seated on my right.

I was also oblivious to the toilet queue right in front of us (exit seats) with my eyecover. Until the guy next to me removed his shoes. Mind you, they were uggs in summer. I sniffed the stench through the haze of my sleep and awoke almost immediately. It was definitely not pleasant.

Which meant trying to get by the next 7 hours on the plane which I’d spent watching 2 movies and then dozing off again. (Thank goodness.)

We flew over Russia and down through Hudson Bay to Toronto, which seemed like a detour.

Our connecting flight from Toronto to Ottawa was quite pleasant and I had my first Canadian experience in Canada then with a cup of coffee from Tim Hortons – a Canadian coffee house/brand.

I was exhausted from doing nothing on the flights by the time we landed in Ottawa and despite having done nothing except to eat, sleep, walk 2 steps to the bathroom and watch TV, I was craving for a proper bed and a bath.

However, the persistent headache and nausea stood between that and a after-landing-meal (always feels good to eat on firm ground after landing, no matter what time). I had to stop the car on the way to the house in Ottawa to throw up in the bushes of some ambassador’s front yard. Or almost. I managed to empty the contents of the duty free bag on time. In an amazingly calm manner…with the experience of a person who’s used to puking with migraines.

squirrel at home

Watching the daily visitor on the morning of 18 July when I had my first breakfast in Canada, at my partner’s parents’ house in Ottawa. This black squirrel comes on routine every morning at 9am and a grey squirrel at 7:30am…well..thereabouts….

A common sight in Canada I’m sure, but for me, it was nevertheless a novel experience.

Refer to the Page on ‘A Girl In Ottawa’ for more adventures in Ottawa. 


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