How work and relationship help make me a better Buddhist

We tend to think we are infallible creatures sometimes and I admit to being too complacent at times.

Things that happen around us teach us something. Calling and describing myself as a Vajrayana Buddhist does not make me a practising Buddhist. It is difficult to practise in today’s world of convoluted meanings when not everyone of everything is what they are or it is.

Dumb down work

A job or role which requires strategic thinking can sometimes be stressful for a Buddhist. We are required to think in the shoes of peers or trying to oust the competitors, staying ahead of the game and these can sometimes cause cognitive dissonance.

Talking or approaching someone could be a simple task or matter. However, when one has to be mindful of who we talk to in an organisation so as not to step on the boss’s or assistant’s toes, it becomes a little too much of a silly game in which everyone is playing a game of power and they fear losing that power.

There has been a couple of times when I just wish to get things done and did not think about that. Of course, I made the mistake of stepping on someone’s toes in the process.

That was a lesson for me in humbling myself at work so as not to become a person who would become fearful of losing some ‘power’. It does not matter at the end of the day and I remind myself of ourselves and our problems in comparison with the vastness of the universe. Us, our work and our problems will appear minute and insignificant.

I wish to think simply at work instead of having to think about what another person might think too. I feel that conducting oneself with compassion and respect for others should be sufficient as a human being. That does not diminish a person but those qualities will make a person whole and I realised that one’s approach with others will change the tone of the conversation or communication.

Work should not form the essence of one’s life. Instead, the application of a good philosophy on living at work will help one get some perspective on life.

Relationships and learning

A relationship is still strong, albeit some arguments if we are ready and willing to look at ourselves from another perspective and correct ourselves. It should make us better persons. If not, please reconsider the relationship.

In my relationship, I realised through some disagreements that I carry similar traits from my mother when it comes to feeling wronged. Those are the same traits which I have been trying not to adapt from my mother and I thought I wasn’t like that.

Until an argument with my partner. I realised that I might have adopted the same tainted mindset. Knowing that and unwilling to accept that caused some dissonance. That was a realisation for me as I’d always thought that I would not be like that.

Seeing that made me a little uncomfortable with myself and how i have the incorrect views of the world. If i could press a reset button, i would. I would restore to the point prior to the argument and catch myself before seeing myself fall into an ego trip. Admitting to it made me lighter and happier. It helped me get my bearings back onto the better path in my journey. There was some pain in realising that of course.

That said, there’s a long way to go for me in applying Buddhism to my life.

All of that. One simple lesson. Listening. That helps one take the focus of oneself and give that attention to another being.

 Love, Ali


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