Why I loved Lucy – Spiritual elements in a sci-fi movie

I’ve seen and heard lots of contrasting views on the movie Lucy by Luc Besson and I heard about it from my partner who made a suggestion to watch Lucy last weekend. Since we didn’t have much planned and I felt like a movie, I went along not knowing what the movie was about. I only discovered at the end during the credits that this was directed by one of my favourite directors, Luc Besson. Afterwhich, you can guess that I was just overflowing with excitement and thoughts on the movie, its theme and the director.

It was beyond my expectations and it is now one of my favourite movies to date. Some comments I’ve seen around the web included how the movie was just about a woman turned supersonic after consuming some advance drug or rather absorbed the drug into her veins and organs. The bad reviews I’ve seen mentioned how it lacks plot and logic. I guess one must have some spiritual bone to understand some of the philosophy on existence and how life is formless and also how time gives validation of an object’s existence.

I love how it relates to buddhism on form and existence; how she disintegrated into consciousness (which we all are) at the end when she was using 100% of her cells.

Of course, this may be not be the accurate explanation of the process on being enlightened. This is science-fiction and one which has elements of something which I believe. What makes it powerful for me was how the philosophical elements on buddhism resonated with me.

Spirituality is on a different wavelength and connects on another level. The collective belief of some of those spiritual elements builds a certain connection with me and with those within the same circle. It is the same feeling of knowing, comfort and bliss when one feels comfortable with another person in silence, or communicating without words.

That brings me to another point in the movie when Lucy mentioned that words mean nothing. We give those words meaning but in fact they are ’empty’. The ability to connect the dots and feel connected to the movie and others who see the same way energises me to the molecular level.

The violence and some gore in the movie aside, I thought this movie had a good balance and appeal of action and a little mind-action.

In brief, it was a good movie which I would give a 4.5 out of 5 in a review.


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