How the Differences in Your Relationship Can Be Gifts
Jumping into a conclusion stating that there is a problem in a difference was on a different context can be a difference. Without hearing the context with which it refers to and saying it is a problem can easily rile some feathers.


Have you been to Ubin?

Take a trip to Pulau Ubin in the North Eastern part of Singapore and you’ll see Singapore 50 years ago.

It’s a great place to enjoy some quiet from the traffic in Singapore. The only traffic at Pulau are hikers and cyclists.

We walked around the island instead of renting a bicycle which may be more tiring. Some tips when heading to Ubin:

  1. Check out the tide times to see Chek Jawa in its bare glory of corals. You may be visiting early in the morning or in the evening. 
  2. Bring a poncho as you never know when the weather may turn nasty and there is hardly any shelter when you are in the middle of a foot march (like what we did). 
  3. Bring lots of water as there are limited places for you to buy water or snacks. The shops around the jetty will be the only chance you’ll get. 
  4. Sunhat, sunscreen, sunnies are all useful under the heat. 
  5. Bug repellent for those with sensitive skin. 
  6. A change of clothes after returning to Tanah Merah Jetty for comfort. 

Green loving in Singapore

Singapore has hidden green gems if you look.
A gentle walk down Singapore’s green corridor through Bukit Timah Reserve. It rained the night before and the trail was slightly muddy. Your shoes and socks will be muddy

While looking for the Dairy Farm trail and entering from the wrong side of Bukit Timah Reserve, we wandered into a bike trail near Wallace Trail and got out in time before a herd of bikers came racing down the trail. So do be careful.
So we entered the Singapore Quarry which was quite tranquil given that it was raining then and there were hardly any hikers around.

So we exited the quarry and found the Green Corridor trail by accident. It was a surprise find for us but we didn’t finish the trail. We will definitely complete the full corridor walk next time.