Teaching an old dog new tricks

So I’ve not touched a tennis racquet in more than 15 years and decided to take it up again recently towards the end of last year. The decision to start playing tennis again was a conscious effort to learn a new skill or sport which helps me meet more people and also perhaps a game of casual tennis with my partner and his family. Besides keeping fit, the game helps with hand and eye coordination which I can be really bad at.

Learning to play tennis again or picking up something new can be daunting. However, learning to get past failures of learning can help make it fun and quickens the process. I was disheartened at first when I realised how rusty I was at the game. The tennis coach is strict but helps us pick up proper techniques in tennis. Some coaches do not go through that level of detail and corrective lessons. It is nevertheless more tedious to relearn proper techniques and kick bad habits.

It gets more fun as one progresses but still challenging with the footwork and the multitude of instructions the coach hollers while you’re in action. I feel that I’m trying to remember too many things while simply catching the ball on the racquet – the swing, the arms, footwork, power.