Online shopping with ZALORA: Instant gratification at value

When online shopping first became popular in Singapore, I was probably in my early twenties. Blog shops were popular back then when almost every entrepreneurial teen or young adult sold apparel online. Blog shops back then and probably now as well, do not provide a varied range between shops. You’ll find similar items in another shop.

Today, they are a dime a dozen and some even transitioning into a hybrid physical store + online. While one may wish for the surprise and adventure of shopping online, bad surprises are of course one of the cons which an online shopper would have to deal with.

However, just a couple of years back, I’ve discovered ZALORA. It is a haven for online shoppers who wish to have a reliable and almost instant service. What I like about them is the almost instant delivery and ‘low floor’ rate for free delivery. Ie. S$40.

ZALORA has recently launched their pop-up store at ION Orchard and I believe that was a test for a hybrid store. Although it does have its perks having a physical presence, its online store proposition is strong with same-day (almost) delivery. You’ll get your product(s) within 1-3 working days within Singapore. I thought that was as ‘instant’ one could get for normal delivery service. Shopping on ZALORA can be addictive with the multitude of brands and products available at affordable prices. It’s user platform is easy to navigate.

There are a few house brands and interesting brands which I’ve found on ZALORA such as Koumi Koumi shoes, Velvet shoes and bags, dresses by Inner Circle and others. You’ll find good buys for shoes on ZALORA and apparel at good value. They’ve an increasing range of brands under them and also includes MARKETPLACE, which is a platform for consolidated boutiques in Singapore which are looking to include an additional sales channel for their brand.

While I’m raving about ZALORA, you may try it yourself and use my code, ZBAP00Q, for a 15% discount at checkout for your purchase.

This was a top I’ve just purchased from ZALORA. Black, sheer panel by Something Borrowed at a discounted price.

Something Borrowed black panel sheer top

#Necklace not included. Necklace is from Tiffany & Co. 

Do note that the top in the photo is rather sheer and you’ll have to wear an inner shirt for work.


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