Looking up the walls

We decided that we will give the house a makeover during one of the long weekends. Deciding on paint colours and which colours for which rooms and walls was a compromise. We ended up with blue, light gray and orange walls.

The massive project was across three days and it was a moment of horror when we realised that we were out of paint and the shops were closed for the holiday. Thank goodness we managed to find one rather nearby which was opened but about to close. We took a taxi and rushed to the place.

Neutrals can be tricky colours to pick. We decided to take a tone which had a tint of blush and it looked white on the palette but when we started painting, it started to look suspiciously like light purple. We both dislike light purple or purple furniture, walls and on many other things (except eggplants).

After going through the trouble of going through two or three coats, we thought maybe it will look different when we wake up and the walls are dried. Of course, that was just the tired people thinking and not wishing to head out, get different colours and paint over.

We woke the next morning and were trying not to be too disappointed that the walls were light purple indeed. We looked at it from all angles and it still appeared too purple to our liking. We decided after a few hours that we won’t be able to live with it so we headed out and got another neutral in a shade which could be described as more gray.

This was safe and so back to the grind. The process of laying the floors, moving and covering furniture, taping the edges of the walls and ceilings were practically neck twisting jobs.

At the end of the day, I think we both know that we should keep our day jobs although we feel we didn’t do a very bad job in the end.

We have not even done the walls in the Master Bedroom. The colours are still being contested.