Life after death, or not

No, we were not meant to be humans or animals.

According to the Teachings on Bardo. I am current helping out my Guru in editing a book on Bardo Teachings. While going through the chapters, one would feel that the journey of this life essentially helps us prepare for death and life after death.

This is a rather abstract concept and points to how we are all formless, consciousness and liberation means no longer taking rebirth. The text has mentioned that being reborn as a human being is a form of suffering. From my perspective, I totally agree with this given that suffering in this life comes in all forms depending on our environments. We actually go through the various stages of ‘bardo’ in this life. The perception of dreams, of hell, of sufferings. Yes, we do suffer even in our #firstworld conditions.

  • Our attachment to objects and people.
    • This attachment has led to many of my problems. From expecting something to be what it is from physical shape, form, appearance, feeling/emotion etc.
  • Jealousy is the root of many unhappiness.
    • Jealousy or envy of someone or what a person has which one doesn’t. I find that I am happier when I stay focused on my objectives in life.
  • Anger is definitely a suffering. Where is this anger from?
    • Angers hinders our judgement and perspective. It does not solve anything and only creates more strive.

This life is really a dream. Reading about bardo gets one thinking about what really happens when we die. We look and feel the way we are. We only know what we ourselves feel or think. How are we made up besides blood, organs and flesh? This form is considered as the human realm. However, the human realm is a ‘long bardo’, of which we are in a form and state which is interim to what we are supposed to be.

Moving to the wrong light may lead one to the wrong doors of rebirth and what we go through there can be worse than the human realm.

So how does karma help? Karma is possibly a points/merits system which is based on cause and effect. I believe in that as with every action, there will be a consequence and we are all answerable to our own actions. I believe in this princple of life which helps one decide what we stand for and how we make decisions. Compassion should be the root of all our actions. This is theory and we may act differently when placed in a situation, due to several factors including our self-preservation nature.

Well, I’m working through the last chapter of the book now. So do look out for the final book on Amazon, by Gharwang Rinpoche, our esteemed Guru. The date is to be confirmed so watch this space and we’ll keep you updated.


Meanwhile, about death, a worldly problem may arise soon for Singapore residents. The looming truth about life and death. How do we cope with this truth and are we all ready? What will happen next?