Growing an edible garden in Singapore

Bear with me here as gardening terms are very new for me and I might be referring to the plant in non-gardener ways.

Singapore’s climate may not be suitable for many of my favourites. Tomatoes don’t seem to grow very well. Neither do snow peas. We could try long beans. Basil definitely grows perfectly in this weather.

Growing a home garden can be rewarding as you watch the plant grow. We realised that eggplants take a while for the vegetables to show. The plant grows up to 1 metre with flowers and the vegetable starts budding after two months or so.

Imagine our delight when we saw the little purple rounded base peeking out from one of the pods. When they grow, they really do grow, almost overnight. They grow so quickly from a little plant no more than the length of one’s little finger to larger than the palm.

I harvested one of them recently (after three and a half months from when we first planted it) as the plant was getting infested. So I removed the branches which were infected and the rest of the plant seems to be thriving well enough.