All things Singapore – in a nutshell

While looking up organisations which have contributed towards Singapore’s past, I stumbled upon eResources by National Library Board of Singapore. Yes yes, I know it’s been around for some time.

There is an amazing collection of history on Singapore from street names, places, to events and organisations. Some of them are familiar while some are new to me. It is a treasure chest of information one would need or not require but interesting to know.

For instance, which Gen X kid (or a late Gen Y-er) in Singapore would forget Yaohan?  I admit there is some nostalgia mingled with this excitement.

Taken from the website, Yaohan was opened in Singapore in 1974 at Plaza Singapura (which I can assure you looked very different even in the 1980’s). Everyone would remember John Little and Specialist Centre when you think Plaza Singapura back then.

I’m a little disappointed that the childhood game of Zero Point or Starfish weren’t included within the list of ‘Sports and Recreation’. I might have missed it so let me know if you spot them.

Zero Point and Starfish were games made out of a string of rubber bands woven in a chain. Both girls and boys at school would spend hours hopping and jumping over these rubber chains. At least I did.

There should also be a brief write-up on neighbourhood playgrounds back then when we had real sand. (Bring out those sandcastle buckets!) Playgrounds these days are mainly made of some foam material.

So which other games or items should we include in the e-depository of Singapore’s history on eResources?


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