Hidden gem: Strawberry Jam sponge cake

I was craving for some old fashioned bakery’s bread loaf today and I stumbled onto something else. They are hidden in the basement of Katong Shopping Centre (the orange and blue building on the corner of Haig Road and East Coast Road), #B1-93, Dona Manis. Manis is malay for ‘Sweet’ and boy will you find lots of sweet cakes here.

It is a small shop with a place where they bake and prepare the cakes. There isn’t a wide selection of buns but has lots of banana pies. They don’t sell the loaf of bread which I was looking for unfortunately.

I picked out a couple of items randomly – a butter bun for SGD1.30 and a box of strawberry jam sponge cake for SGD3. It is a small box of sponge cake and this may not be enough for a company of 2. One can easily gobble the four mini slices in there in one seating. They are easily melt-in-your-mouth. Each slice is about the length of a finger and can almost be described as ‘a finger of sponge cake’ instead of a slice. They aren’t too sweet and it has a lovely texture which would be a slippery gastronomic slope into weight gain if you aren’t careful with the quantity.

There has been raving reviews of the signature banana pie but since I’m not a big fan of bananas, I decided against the extra calories. I feel I made a good choice with the sponge cake. I decided on that as I noticed the lady boss making them on the spot and while preparing them, she was also putting some away into her mouth. So, do try the strawberry sponge cake when you visit and if sweets are your thing, try their signature banana pie and some of the buns.

The butter bun was a surprise, not in a bad way. I had expected that to be plain with buttery flavours. I got home, bit into it and a chunk of sugary butter oozed out. If you like Chin Mei Chin’s kaya butter toasts, this may be up your alley too. Well, apparently it is also the cat’s ‘lick of bun’. One of the cats sidled up next to me when I was eating it and while I was taking a picture of it, she could not stop putting her nose and mouth on it. It was a little hilarious but given this wouldn’t be healthy for the cat, sad to say, she didn’t have any except a couple of licks on the surface.

Glorious sponge cake!
Glorious sponge cake!

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