What I learnt from meeting with startups

I had a few good meetings with a couple of startups recently and it was like #siliconvalley, the HBO TV series. Many of these folks are out there to help make lives better. For most of them, they have identified an area which the industry lacks and they are trying to fill the gaps.

Of course, it may or may not work, depending on timing, maturity of the market, cycle, trends and other factors.

Nevertheless, I noticed some of their similar traits and I feel re-energised by listening to them talk about their products and services.



To put in capital for the projects and to make that first step takes a lot of courage. Some of the people I spoke with had proper day jobs which would have paid them well and they would have a steady income. Detracting from their usual career paths to create something for the market needs courage to accept failures and risks. Hopefully, these are calculated risks which are based on a lot of research.



All of them exuded enthusiasm when we spoke. They speak with purpose and their enthusiasm can be contagious. They have so much passion for what they believe in, even when they talked about their failures, it was with frankness and they openly admit to bugs or multitudes of rejections before trying another way. #bouncingback


Open to ideas

Their openness to exploring new ideas is different from an organisation or an small business enterprise. They readily jot down ideas we discussed and are open to alternatives. The ability to be flexible is something which all of us require in our lives too. Or keeping an open mind to ideas especially in mature brands or industries.



They openly admit to shortfalls they have and hence require the help in that area. Sometimes I feel we forget to ask for help or forget how to ask for help, for the fear of appearing inadequate.



With the numerous rejections and some failures, these individuals continue to focus on their product(s) and service(s). Their tenacity in those circumstances are admirable. Driven by their purpose, they don’t let roadblocks stop them in their journeys.



Their products may seem like just another one in the market. However, they are continuously working on the offerings and improving them according to user feedback. Speaking with them helps me learn about new technology and how technology can be harnessed to create something which is useful for various groups of people.


Meeting them reminds me of purpose and that we should all rekindle with our own purpose.

#opportunitythinking #startup


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