Things to do on a break

Well, being on a break or what some call a luxury. Quite true and as much as I hope to extend this ‘luxury of time and flexibility’ to at least October 2015 or later, I had the good opportunity and blessings which resulted in a new job which I would jump into by end of August 2015.

With a definite amount of time to my break, my ‘break’ time is even more precious. Taking a break can be nerve-wrecking. For me, I got into it almost involuntarily. I had a recent surgery and was out of action for a month so I was given the option to take a break to recover fully, which also means, quitting earlier than expected.

The first week on the break was fine as I enjoyed the absence of Monday blues. Then again, I had a long hospitalisation leave prior to that which already gave me a little bit of a cabin fever, some bad habits and possibly some good [medicated] sleep too.

Post-recovery and now mid-way through the break, I’m rethinking if some time could have been put to better use. The list of things to do below are just what I’ve done so far among others which can be a form of discovery too. Like I discovered online games and unfortunately, got a little hooked.

One thing which I would have loved to do while I have this excess of time and flexibility (like attending day classes just like all other women of leisure) was hot yoga. I had to suspend the account for a few months until I’m ready to do a full stretch or even a downward dog.

Now, this is not in any order of priority, but just top of my head at the moment:

  1. Visit the library and borrow books on self-development for progression in life.
  2. Tend to your garden if you have one.
  3. Listen to the radio. I’m listening to the online radio at the moment. It’s amazing how the radio does keep you company during the day when you are a little isolated from everyone else. Especially after a month and more being at home. It is also quite relaxing listening to the hits you recognise. Also, to get updates on what is happening locally, like events, ads, conversations etc.
  4. Catch up with old friends. No pun intended. Drop people a note to check in and appreciate their time in engaging with you.
  5. Sign up for freelance work. Yes, I’ve written some articles and also translated a few from Traditional Mandarin to English (yes, I’m amazed myself). Also received a request and invitation from the online magazine to join them long-term as an editor. That sounds fun…if only I had a longer break….
  6. Research on places to go for a short solo trip! I’ve not taken one for a while now and I’m happy to share that I’m booked for a trip to Lake Toba for about 9 days. Exploring, discovering, reading and writing while I prepare for the next big job.

    Photo courtesy of Easy Planet Travel.
    Photo courtesy of Easy Planet Travel.
  7. Attend a friend’s wedding and ‘gatecrash’ parts of the National Day rehearsal.

    So I saw the tanks while getting to the hotel and had quite a night trying to get home. Waiting in the queue would probably take me all night, no response for calling cabs maybe due to the road closures around the area, tried to take a bus and realised after two bus stops that I was heading in the wrong direction. Got off and walked back to where the hotel is, got on the last circle line train (i think) to Dakota and saw this:

    And again, after the wedding while I was heading home.
    And again, after the wedding while I was heading home. Waving to the boys while they ‘parked’ the tanks.
  8. Go swimming and chill at the poolside. Well, at least i did after the stitches came off. I sat at the poolside today until it rained. (There isn’t shelter where the deck chairs are.)
  9. Grocery shopping and I feel that I spend a lot more daily while I’m on a break than when I was at work. :/
  10. Take plenty of selfies with purr meister. Especially when he is irresistibly cute and snuggling up next to you. IMG_20150806_153504
  11. Play online games. Which can be slippery slope.
  12. Meet and talk to start-ups. Can be invigorating and they do chat about new technology which can be exciting.
  13. Watch dramas online. I started watching this Japanese TV series called ‘Suteki na Sen Taxi’ and I’m at episode 10, the final episode now. I’m dreading the end of it. It is about a special taxi which takes the passenger back in time to correct a wrong and its driver who is quite eccentric and interesting. I noted how the character developed from episode one to ten and there is a ‘moral’ in each episode which can be heartwarming after watching all the gory movies.
  14. Try to lose weight and do more exercise. Considering I cannot go overboard with strenuous activities or stretching my butt, I can brisk walk, jog and swim (still felt a little odd on the first swim in ages). The stitches on the butt just came out and I’ve been told to go easy as it’s still not very strong.
  15. More updates on escapades in Medan and Lake Toba!



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