Goodbye January 2016

So we started the new year barely 30 days ago. It has been a whirlwind month with work demanding all of one’s time and it probably took us a whole week or probably more to get over our ‘time lag’ upon returning to Singapore from Canada in the first week.

It feels just like yesterday when we were just taking a long road trip from Canada to New York for our flight, looking out for bad weather conditions, the rare Starbucks signs and getting lost in the bowels of New York city streets looking for our ‘refresh’ hotel before the long flight back.

The white streets, Nordstrom and friendly squirrels in Ottawa are just a memory in our third week back to Singapore. They all seem like a long time ago but all just part of the January illusion when events catch-up on you when the new year starts in fifth gear. Of course, paying for those credit card bills from the holiday brings the awareness that it all just happened and we are only just beginning the year and the haze of January is disappearing when we see the ass of February and it hits us that we have worked ourselves into February or raced into February.

While we say goodbye to the first month of the year, there is a little trepidation that the rest of the year will be eventful and what will the 2016 elections bring, what other big events await us this year? I don’t mean to sound pessimistic but conditions have led us to believe that the world is falling sick and what we do each day at work, is a very micro aspect of helping to alleviate any conditions which can threaten our way of life.

Climate change for one is a huge concern after drastic weather changes in the North and winter arriving close to two months late and more. [These thoughts are all my personal opinion and not much of a dissertation piece based on in-depth research.] It is supposed to be 20 degrees into the negative but it is barely going beyond 0 or -5 in some parts of Canada. We talk about this for years and committees have been established. The world needs drastic approaches to this by changing policies such as lowering the cost of electric cars, building the infrastructure for electric or hybrids, making them more affordable and convenient could increase the take-up rates and reducing the reliance on gas, banning leaded petrol in countries (Canada I know has banned leaded petrol), education of the public and coal being a major culprit, needs to be replaced with alternatives.

Leadership crisis across the world from world leaders to corporate leaders. The expectations of leaders have changed. There is a need for different views and approaches which may be slightly more socialist in nature. What is the definition of a good leader and why?

I could go on, but life is good and we rejoice in many things. This is also not an article about how the world needs fixing, but how our problems at work seem small in comparison to the magnitude of the world and the universe. We have a few years of actually living our lives so perhaps it is what we need to consider – what does living our lives mean?

Discovery, international experience and learning form my foundation for ‘living a life’. Which means, for us to be happy, we need to be living up to our definition of ‘living our lives’. If I am not discovering new things, learning and experiencing life through traveling or living abroad, my soul may shrivel up and die. All very dramatic.

So while we bid January goodbye, how about taking stock of our lives at this point and shaping our lives in a direction; before we start to find ourselves drifting into the events of 2016 and losing perspective.