Listen up: Podcasts might be your best friend

Yes, podcasts (not all) can be your best friend.

We survived those long road trips listening to podcasts or specifically CBC The Current and As it happens. I was always of the view that radio should be filled with songs and music in the past, but that has changed when I started on podcasts.

When one gets strapped for time and feel that you are constantly doing things in a day, torn between work, fitness, personal enrichment, entertainment and social, getting information through alternative means is highly valued – besides ‘osmosis of information through cells’. Catching up on information on the go is a great way to maximize time and learning. For people who cannot read in a moving vehicle, like me, listening to podcasts is an option.

Podcasts are useful when you aren’t performing another task which requires some thinking or concentration. Multitasking is a myth and that is supported by research around brain functions – our brains are only able to focus deeply on one task at a time.  Doing too many things at the same time diminishes the brain’s capacity for deep thinking.

So reading and working while listening to podcasts are bad combinations. Podcasts are great for long drives like our road trip from New York to Halifax in Canada and Halifax to Ottawa.

Listening to certain podcasts can be enlightening and enriching. They also help as conversation starters at networking events or deeper conversation pieces around pertinent topics. It helps you to consider different perspectives. For me, it also helps me to listen deeper to what people are saying. Listening is a skill and I’m still learning.

The best thing that happened to me was getting started with some podcasts. There are some paid and free apps for podcasts. You can get Pocket Casts or a free app I use, Castbox. I tried a couple of other apps before and like Castbox for its interface and it saves your profile across devices.

I personally like CBC’s As it happens, Freakonomics, Hidden Brain, Note to Self, Up First and more recently, BBC Analysis.

So what are you listening to today?


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