Pretty Prague

I’ve always wanted to visit Prague. At least since I chanced upon pictures of Prague’s cobblestone streets, historical buildings and little cafes. From the pictures, the city looks romantic and yet mysterious. With its history, Prague reminds me of spy movies and also the TV series, The Americans.

Welcome to Prague!

We stayed at a house through a house exchange programme. So the owners of the house in Prague went to Canada to stay and the house in Prague became the ‘base’ or all the family members who were visiting for the wedding. There were seven people staying at the house which was split into two units. The owners of the house loaned us their car as part of the exchange. So, most of us got around in a Volkswagen Beetle. We certainly haven’t been in many Beetles and it was an experience for three adults and a baby in the backseat and two in the front. One of the relatives at the wedding who saw us ‘unfolding’ ourselves from the car asked, ‘Did you all really come out from that?’ That said, the space in the car is deceiving. It doesn’t look that big outside, but it was amazing how we managed to have three big and grown adults in the backseat and sometimes with a baby. Have I already mentioned that?

Uber was our other mode of transport getting from the house to the city. 

The wedding in Prague offered us many opportunities to experience the main tourist areas. We went to the Malá Strana district for our funicular ride up to Nebozízek, which is the middle station before Petřín, also where the wedding reception was held. 

It was our first time queuing and jostling with the crowd in Prague. The queue at Újezd station where we had to buy or ticket and then queue for the furnicular was pretty spectacular. When we got to the front before the ticket scanners, people were pushing and rushing to get through. That reminded me a little of China.

When we got through onto the platform, we rushed through the doors to get standing space. Nebozízek did not disappoint. The views were beautiful.

Beautiful colours on our walk to the station.



img_20160728_193034Lovely view from Nebozízek Restaurant, where the wedding reception was held.

Nebozízek Station
As part of the wedding reception, we were treated to the traditional brandy – The Slivovice (Plum brandy) from Valachian region of Moravia…by R.Jelinek. There are other flavours.
The little bottle of traditional Czech brandy…

There are other flavours from the same range of liquor. Frankly, I couldn’t tell the difference as that stuff is really lethal. It reminded me of bai jiu, which is also a clear liquor, but from China. I’m pretty sure I could have used that as a disinfectant.

I didn’t take any photographs of the food. We had a taste of traditional Czech cuisine at the reception. If you know me, you would have guessed my favourite – The strudel.

You do need to try traditional Czech cuisine, which actually is similar to German and Austrian cuisines. The similar traits include gravy, meats and the dumpling. The dumpling looks like a cauliflower but actually is made of dough and tastes quite good in the gravy.

This is a food compilation from some of our best food experiences in Prague:

Duck confit with dumpling.


Brunch at Augustine boutique hotel




The fish came whole…I looked to our Czech hosts who were seated next to me at dinner and they ordered the same dish. They ate their fish dish like pros, unlike me.



Oh, that lovely strudel with cream… I could have that again!

With limited time in Prague, we didn’t get to see many other places besides Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. How could we visit Prague and not experience Prague Castle?

Crossing Charles Bridge…and thinking that I would love to stay longer in Prague…]

It’s worth getting the ticket to the longer tour. Ours included entrance to:

  • Old Royal Palace
  • The Story of Prague Castle
  • Basilica of St George
  • Golden Lane
  • Powder Tower
  • St Vitus’s Cathedral

The ticket was 350kc which is about SGD19 or USD13 (according to rates on 26 December 2016).




All in all, do factor in about three hours for Prague Castle. Even so, that was a little of a rush for us before our next appointment. We rushed through a few segments. It was so crowded we probably appeared in one too many random photographs… Of the whole tour, one place which we could have left out was the Powder Tower.

On the upper level of Golden Lane, you’ll find lots of medieval armoury. It gets very crowded in there as it’s a small, narrow, walkway for people going in and out. The stairways are also very small and narrow. In the past, Golden Lane was known as Goldsmith’s Lane and the street outside (below), is one of the smallest streets in Prague city.

img_20160731_145151After we exited from Golden Lane… See how narrow the street is?




There are so many other places in Prague which we should also visit, explore and revisit again.



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