A must-watch: Arrival

A weekend ‘adventure’ into the mind. We recently watched ‘Arrival’, the movie. It was surprisingly good. It’s not the usual extra-terrestrial kind of movie. This is one of the best sci-fi movies I’ve watched so far.

It’s rather intense but the story reminds us of what humanity is. Especially in today’s real world, when protectionism and populism are becoming every day news. The real intention of the aliens was concealed up to the last part and that they meant well and wanted to help earth was unexpected but also warming. The thought of everything and everyone in the universe doing good for one another always gives me the tingles. I wish there was a little more on the aliens though. It was also sad when one of the aliens was ‘in the process of dying’.

Laura, the lead character’s ability to see the future was a little confusing as it went back to present and into the future and we were debating on when she actually started to ‘see’. There is weird dimensional time concept which was quite confusing.

She could see her future and in the narration towards the end, “… if you could see the future, would you change it?” She did. However, I think there was also a message around living a real life in the present – she knew that her ‘husband’ would leave her, she got together with him anyway and had a child, who would be terminally ill. After ‘seeing’ all that, she still went ahead with her decision(s). I’m guessing that it was because she felt the joy in those ‘future’ moments with both loved ones. Those moments are enough reason.

Living in the present and letting go are all part of the Buddhist teachings. Parts of the movie resonated with the Buddhist fraction of me. I would watch this again.



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