The culture dimension @ work

I was reading this article on HBR which really resonated with me. “Culture can’t just be an assortment of well-meaning HR practices; it has to grow out of distinctive business practices.” How many different iterations of ‘culture’ or interpretations are there?

Can you capture what it means to be a member of your organization? At its core, the role of culture is to reinforce a sense of belonging, a shared commitment among colleagues about how they solve problems, share information, serve customers, and deliver experiences.” This is often difficult to implement across the organisation, especially if it’s a large organisation, but so important for talent retention and attraction, in addition to a business impact.

If you’ve not been in the situation of a culture misfit before, it probably wouldn’t be top of mind when taking on a new job offer. However, for job seekers out there, do pay attention to the details around culture. According to a Glassdoor survey, culture and values rated higher for job satisfaction compared with compensation and work-life balance. Nevertheless, on a personal note, I do think work-life balance is a subset or one of the parameters of culture.

What does ‘work culture’ entail? It’s certainly deeper than what is seen on the outside. The type of engagement counts. What is defined as ’employee engagement’? What behaviour is deemed as unacceptable and how do people react to change? Does the organisation truly believe in innovation and that comes through in the way they do things?

One question which I read on Fast Company was rather interesting, ‘How is risk-taking rewarded?’ Risk or change are often not as well-received in more conservative organisations, compared with a company which is often the disruptor or on its way to becoming one.

I came across a few articles which are quite helpful in helping job seekers develop a ‘checklist’ for culture matching, from Fast Company, The Balance and The Muse.


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