Lunar New Year!

For Chinese who observe some traditions of Lunar New Year, you get a second chance to kickstart your resolutions!
Usually it includes getting fit and losing weight especially after all that feasting. Not forgetting that at this point we are still working off the calories from Christmas and New Year!

Some things which come to mind during Chinese New Year….

My immediate family is seen as less traditional.Visiting is kept to a minimal and we’ve gone through the same Chinese New Year routine for the last two decades. Chinese New Year for us is about sitting around and waiting for everyone to turn up before moving out to my dad’s grand aunt’s place. By that time, we are all exhausted from sitting around and exercising our willpower from not finishing the pineapple tarts, kueh bangkit and chocolates etc. That’s when I get motivated to go run around the field, start playing tennis again, cycling and hiking. Good news is that we have a long weekend for Chinese New Year this year and we intend to do either one of those activities during the long weekend.

Red packets
There is a tradition of giving hong baos, or red packets, which I wished can be changed. The red packets with some token of cash is usually given to relatives younger than you are, who isn’t married yet. So, my partner and I are not married but we’ve been living together for close to five years. That counts for being de facto in some countries. However, not in the Chinese tradition. They need us to be legally registered and also families need to be updated and informed. Last year, we received red packets from my cousins and that was awkward for us since we’re both above 35 years old and usually the practice of giving red packets stop at the twenties for many – given that that’s usually the average age one gets married.

New clothes 
It’s Chinese New Year day 1 today and we don at least one new item which symbolises starting afresh for the new year. Often, people wear red for the first day which symbolises good luck. Or they wear the colour of their year. This is usually found in chinese horoscopes.

Chinese horoscopes 
There’s this big book of horoscopes which we read to past time on day 1. It can be amusing and entertaining. We read about our own animal signs for what may happen during the year….and can be fun when we start comparing notes. But we forget about it almost immediately. As what my mom once described it, they’re ‘horror-scopes’, and to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Happy Chinese New Year!


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