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The season for love: is everyday

To think that Valentine’s Day was actually the day we started dating officially. We celebrate our anniversary with at least 60% of the adult population. The day which I’d received chocolates and flowers which gave me such a thrill. That was about five years ago now. While back then, ironically, […]

How to work from home

So, it’s been about five months into my new job and we do enjoy remote working arrangements at my company, for most divisions. While I like going to the office and meeting colleagues, I do also cherish the time I have working from home. I do have a nice setup […]

The culture dimension @ work

I was reading this article on HBR which really resonated with me. “Culture can’t just be an assortment of well-meaning HR practices; it has to grow out of distinctive business practices.” How many different iterations of ‘culture’ or interpretations are there? “Can you capture what it means to be a […]

A must-watch: Arrival

A weekend ‘adventure’ into the mind. We recently watched ‘Arrival’, the movie. It was surprisingly good. It’s not the usual extra-terrestrial kind of movie. This is one of the best sci-fi movies I’ve watched so far. It’s rather intense but the story reminds us of what humanity is. Especially in […]

Goodbye January 2016

So we started the new year barely 30 days ago. It has been a whirlwind month with work demanding all of one’s time and it probably took us a whole week or probably more to get over our ‘time lag’ upon returning to Singapore from Canada in the first week. […]