A girl in Ottawa Canada

Parliament Hill

Who better to show us the city than a Canadian boyfriend?

Ottawa, capital of Canada, often pales in comparison to the rest of the Canadian cities with a stronger personality, such as Vancouver and Montreal.

I had the privilege of a personalised tour of the city, mostly through my stomach. We had great meals at Milestones Restaurant and Absinthe, both of which served up food which looked and tasted almost too good. These are the restaurants missing in Singapore with drinks which are truly Canadian – Caesar, which is also a variation of a Bloody Mary.

This drink isn’t for everyone and is quite an acquired taste. It’s spicy with clam juice. It does grow on you I must say.

Ottawa is great for its historical buildings and of course a visit to Parliament Hill is quite a hygiene factor for anyone visiting Ottawa. The other must-go place is the National Gallery of Canada. https://www.facebook.com/nationalgallerycanada 


You’ll easily spend about 2.5 hours around the gallery and you’ll be amazed with the collection there. The layout, atmosphere and curated works are stunning. There is a story behind the building’s architecture too. We also visited Parliament Hill which you should also visit at night for the light show. 

Beautiful buildings around this connected city of Ottawa. Ottawa is a short drive away from Quebec where we visited for a weekend, at his family chalet.

One true Canadian experience which I am very grateful for. They love holiday chalets and these are usually lakefront houses. Canadians love their lakes and the outdoors. Another thing I was surprised with was the number of Canadians who are tanned and they’ll put us in the tropics here to shame in getting our share of sunshine outdoors.

My partner’s parents both spot healthy tans and obviously active with golf, tennis and other outdoor activities – which demonstrate a good outdoors culture in Canada.

What would I do the next time I visit Ottawa?

1. Nordik Spa – Which I heard great reviews of from a non-spa person who was instantly converted.

2. Gatineau Park

3. Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm

What I wouldn’t mind missing: 

1. Poutine – This is a mass of fries with cheese curds and gravy. This is a Quebec dish which is now known to be representative of a must-eat Canadian food. 

2. M asking me to sniff the Canadian notes as they smell like maple syrup. Haha! I should have dropped by the Canadian Mint nearby the estate we were at just to fact check. Which I am sure is just a myth.



2 thoughts on “A girl in Ottawa Canada”

  1. Go to the Rideau Canal and see the Ottawa River! Oh and it’d be ideal if you’d go in winter, you and your partner could skate together!


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