Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is a sleepy town and who knew that we’ll have days filled with activities? We had a week with M’s grandparents in Halifax and had a few days with his Unc Andrew and Phil.

We had quiet days with M’s grandparents in Halifax in a lovely neighbourhood near town. It was like Pleasantville.

It was also my first time trying sailing and it was a great experience as I got to drive/navigate Unc Phil’s boat. We also had a few days with Unc Andrew and Aunty Lisa at The Cat’s Inn and at Peggy’s Cove.

I never thought of buoys much until my first sailing experience when buoys became my ‘beacons’. Like, ‘steer towards the green buoy and bring it up to the right’ which helped when navigating.

The day to Peggy’s Cove was a touristy experience. We had a good lunch with both Aunty Lisa and Unc Andrew, walked around the area and then had ice-cream before leaving to visit the 111 memorial.

Sitting out on the balcony of The Cat’s Inn can be chilly in the evenings with the breeze coming through for my tropical bones. It is a beautiful house with the Cat Hotel at the back and the landscaping is well-maintained. The inn was almost full with cats when we were there. Almost all were regulars.

I thought Halifax had a lot of mysteries and treasures which we have not explored. This is a place which has more beneath its surface and we should return to discover these next time. Nova Scotia can truly be a dreamy, romantic place if you look.



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