Hiking in BC – Part I

Hiking in BC is an experience I would definitely wish to do it over again. Of course, having learnt from the last trip.

We rented a Ford SUV from Vancouver and drove from Vancouver to Whistler and had a late lunch there before heading to our first campsite. One thing we forgot to factor in was the time and journey to drive from one point to another. We left Vancouver at about 12pm after picking up supplies from an outdoor shop, got into heavy traffic and had to make a detour from the bridge. The journey from Vancouver to Whistler was about 160km and it took us about 2 hrs driving almost at 140km/hr on average.

We were ecstatic when we approached our first campsite, Wells Gray Provincial Park from Whistler only to discover that we had to complete another over 90km to 100km into the park to our campsite. It was about 9pm when we got to the campsite. Which gave us little time to set up our tents, with the help of the car’s headlights. (The sun sets at about 9pm in summer and it was almost dark when we got to the campsite.)

No stove dinner for us that night and it sure was exciting to wake up in the wilderness, with cool fresh air. I could taste the crispness of the morning air on my tongue. Water from the lake is fresher than any other distilled bottled water. Of course, we still used water purifiers with our delicate urban stomachs.

Next up, Day 2 of the journey from Wells Gray to Mount Robson! Which actually took us another half of a day.


Your thoughts?

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