Lakeside Cottage – Quebec

A true Canadian experience is incomplete without a lakeside cottage stay. As I’ve heard, Canadians love their holiday chalets next to lakes.

We had a couple of days at M’s family chalet in Quebec which was just an hour’s drive from Ottawa. Road signs and scenes change as you cruise through Ottawa into Quebec. Gone are the historical buildings and english road signs, to be replaced with French signs and more rolling fields of countryside.

Quebec is also the home of poutine, a greasy dish with cheese curds and fries topped with some gravy. Not my favourite but if you wish to try a local dish, this may be it. Of course, better ones will be seafood and lobster. (Which I had in Halifax)

I later (much later during a later trip in Canada a year later) had the much lauded Beaver’s Tail which left me with quite a tale to tell! It is really good and I couldn’t believe that it was M’s first time trying that and he’s Canadian. Plenty of empty calories but the melt-in-your-mouth quality of all that dough and sugar..hmmmm… try having it in a snowstorm too and the whole experience goes up a level.

The chalet was fabulous and we had the chance to kayak around the lake and I had the privilege of losing my fitbit to the lake (Ali – 0, Lake – 1). Afternoons reading and dozing off by the lake to the sound of lapping waves against the rocks and the boats tied to the jetty.

A pity that I do not have many pictures of the chalet but perhaps next time. A correction here now as I’m updating this post 2 years later (30th Dec 2016) and the chalet has been sold in Q3 of 2016.


Your thoughts?

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