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Music doth gladden the soul

Easing into a relaxing evening, I started reconnecting to music which had made me feel happy and alive. I do have quite an eclectic range in music genres. However, music which really appeal to my being will always be rock, blues rock, blues jazz and some industrial rock.  One particular […]

Courage and discouragement

To pursue the truth in the perceived world may be daunting. In the face of discouragement, one may find shadows of doubt lurking. Laziness creeps in and one may find excuses in putting off the search for the truth and facing up to it. In my personal opinion, courage is […]

Chick escapism

Should turn the other cheek to chick lit. I am a closet chick lit reader. One of my housemates once chanced upon some of my chick lit books and took a jibe at my choice. I have quite an eclectic taste in both books (and music), reading almost anything from […]