Courage and discouragement

To pursue the truth in the perceived world may be daunting. In the face of discouragement, one may find shadows of doubt lurking. Laziness creeps in and one may find excuses in putting off the search for the truth and facing up to it.

In my personal opinion, courage is needed to embrace compassion and the wisdom of emptiness. The world in which we live in is formed of perception. Yet, many have taken it for reality. However, the magnitude of perceived reality has formed societal rules which should be closely followed for survival. Some have become so deeply rooted within their perceptions and may deem those striving to practice emptiness and compassion as unrealistic and emotional. When that ‘reality’, which a person who views oneself as objective, is actually warped to a collective perception of form.

Living in such a world requires a stronger conviction and wisdom of impermanence. Learning to differentiate between the worldly ‘reality’ and the reality derived from wisdom will help with daily life. I am trying not to grow attached to the perception of our world. The labels which we have for objects. Being too attached to words and trying to conform to society is drawing us closer and tying us tighter to samsara.

We have formed an exaggerated sense of self made up of projected concepts of our environment. Some may form a sense of self-importance (like me). This may lead to resentment and jealousy. However, to accept Dharma and the teachings, will mean accepting that what we have developed ourselves into is actually nothing. All the systems we have built around ourselves such as school education systems of ranking, career advancements, career choices will fall apart. They do not exist without the our perception and labels. All creation of our minds. Hence, what we see now are only illusions of our perceptions.

I personally like the paragraph on this website:

“What is important to understand is that the view you have of yourself and the view you have of your environment are based on your own mind; they are the projection of your mind and that is why they are not reality.”

Meditation is so important. Yet, I have procrastinated so many times for the thought of settling down and trying to find the right balance in my mind. The fear of failure in meditation takes away the calmness required. Not staying in the present and thinking too far ahead may hinder the practice. It takes effort to integrate dharma into our daily lives. Personally, I feel that practicing of dharma goes beyond visualisation of the deity or chanting. It takes actual learning/understanding of the wisdom and integrating that with our actions. The wisdom obtained may be seen in changes within a person’s behaviour and reaction to certain situations.

I would like to practice on removing resentment which sometimes may be due to an inflated sense of self and attachment to the perceptions and labels. What is the positive change which you would like to see in yourself?

Chick escapism

Should turn the other cheek to chick lit. I am a closet chick lit reader.

One of my housemates once chanced upon some of my chick lit books and took a jibe at my choice. I have quite an eclectic taste in both books (and music), reading almost anything from self-help, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy to travelogues, local books like Neil humphrey’s rendition of his experience in Singapore and of course chick lit.

Polished two chick lits this week and both had me bawling my eyes out. Okay, that is over exaggerated.

Reading chick lit is entertaining but reading two books in 3 working days is like estrogen overdrive, working towards a system withdrawal crash when my favourite supply dries up. There are only a few unread books by this author.

I should slow down on the last book and savour every girly bit. I shall now escape back into my shell.